Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can I vent?

I guess I don't need to ask permission, this is my blog and I can say whatever I want here.

I regularly listen to the radio station K Love on the radio, they play Christian and Inspirational music. Today I was very disturbed by some things that were said.
The on air personality was advising listeners to vote for Kris Allen tonight, not because he is the better artist but because he is a "good Christian boy" and Adam Lambert is far too "flamboyant" and "colorful".

A caller even was on air spewing hate and snickering saying he'd let his daughter leave the house with a boy like Kris whereas Adam wouldn't even be allowed in his home. Ummmm...last I checked Kris is married you dumb ass.

Yes, Adam Lambert is gay. And? What on earth does that have to do with his talent or ability to entertain and inspire millions of people?
Should he not win because he is homosexual?

The God I know is LOVE, and he doesn't discriminate against any of his children.

It hurt to hear a Christian radio station that I have financially supported be ignorant like so many other homophobic Americans.
Kris and Adam are both very talented individuals and they have totally different styles.
Personally, I will be voting for Adam tonight.
He is an unforgettable performer and deserves to win.
Not because he is straight, gay, white or Christian, but because he has God-given talent.


  1. That is just sad, Tara - I am an Adam fan, too. I don't think his fans care either way. :)

  2. I think Lucy is right...Adam fans don't care.
    People who are different often have to deal with ridicule until they learn how to let it all go. I know that I have been to gay pride parades with protestors and it hurts. There is no reason to make people feel bad because of who they are. I agree with you though...my God loves everyone.

  3. First, good for you Tara for putting this out there. This is such a touchy subject and often people shy away from it just to avoid the conflict. I'm sad to say I've actually been guilty of that a time or two. Not passing judgment, just not wanting to debate my position. But it is important to get the message of "Love for Everyone" out there. While I may not agree with someone's lifestyle choice, I would never begin to believe God could love them any less. I make choices all the time that should cause me to hang my head in shame should I be standing before my Maker. Choices that some would view as not that big a deal. It is certainly not mine to say what is the greater "sin". I'm counting on that fact that God loves me despite my transgressions. And YES...Adam is one wickedly talented artist!!! Kris has my vote, but only, and I stress ONLY, because I prefer his style of music. I have appreciated Adam's talent from the start! He is actually the most consistant performer they have ever had. I hope he makes it BIG (as I'm sure he will) despite the outcome.

  4. WOW! I am also an avid K-LOVE listener. Very sad that they would say that on air.



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