Friday, September 25, 2009

Blogging for Bliss

Good Morning to all of my cyber sisters
What is the weather like where you are?
Here in Missouri it's the perfect temperature, 60 degrees and the sun is shining!
The kids are all off to school and I have lots to get working on but I just had to tell you all about an amazing book my good friend,
Tina, gave me yesterday.

It's called
Blogging for Bliss and it's written by Tara Frey.
I have read 2 chapters and am totally inspired!
If you are wanting to start a blog or just tweak yours a bit then you will love this book.
I am so lucky to have Tina as my friend. The two of us are so much alike however she is about 5'9 and blonde and I am brunette and 5'1 ;)
She also teaches at
The Scrapbook Workshoppe and is such a fun person to be around.

Did anyone watch the new show, Modern Family this week? Talk about HILARIOUS! Cougartown is on after it (Courteney Cox stars) and it was equally as funny

Well I need to get going but here is a little about me from A to Z!
A- Age: 28
B- Bed size: King
C- Chore I love: none
D- Dogs name: Maci and Lola
E- Essential start to my day: brush teeth!
F- Favorite color: tiffany blue or periwinkle
G- Gold or Silver: silver
H- How many times have you been outside the USA: zero :(
I- Instruments I play: I have played the piano, flute and clarinet
J- Job title: Mama & wifey
K- Kids: Koby-7 Mia-5 Roman-3
L- Living arrangements: house, 4 bedrooms 3 bath
M- Most popular dessert at my house: ice cream
N- Number of times I have stayed overnight at the hospital, not counting my own birth: 3 times (once with each child)
O- Outdoor activity I have never tried but would like to: jet ski
P- Pet peeve: rude people, oh, and the toilet paper hanging the wrong way!!
Q- Quote from a movie: "Leave the gun, take the cannoli"- The Godfather
R- Restaurant I could eat at everyday: Ruth's Chris
S- Siblings: 2 sisters Raven- 23 Natalie-17
T- Time I wake-up: 7:45 because I have to, but if I had to choose...10:00 AM ;)
U- Unknown fact about me: I dream of being a country music singer!
V- Vegetable I dislike: asparagus
W- What is my dream vacation: a month on the Greek Isles
X-X-rays I've had: teeth, snkle
Y- Yummy food I make: I make the best sugo you've ever tasted (Italian pasta sauce) and my enchiladas are so good you'll slap your grandma!
Z- Zoo favorite: penguins

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Tara! Thanks for the sweet comment. Oh to be 28 again!!! Maci & Lola sound pretty cute!!! I'm so mad I missed Cougartown, I was watching Flash Forward and Grey's Anatomy last night. Finally some good shows on again! Have a great weekend! xOxO deb

  2. o0o0o love your ABC thing!!

    and yes modern family is HILARIOUS!!!! i didn't catch cougartown, but i wanted to watch it. how was it?! are you watching glee?!


  3. Yep, Sarah, I'm watching Glee too!
    I didn't know you could get pregnant from a hot tub until the last episode

  4. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the a to z's of U!!!!!!!!! *sigh* Tiffany Blue :):):):):) That BOOK SOUNDS AWESOME!!! And ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, here in is 7:12 PM and a COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL 102 degrees.....gosh, I really hate this state! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Been a fan of Friends :-) would love to see Cougar Town ~~ Thank you for joining SC's blop hop!

  6. Hi Tara- You totally made my day when you asked if the flowers on my layout were Prima!!! I made them...from Bazzill cardstock. If they look as good as Prima maybe I'll have to give a tutorial on how to make them. I found it on another blog...but don't remember where or who!!

    Oh, by the was very hot...over 100 here in my part of California today. Not a sign of fall anywhere!!!

    Have a great weekend!! Kim

  7. Just adored the A to Z! You are a Spring Chickie and I am so there for the enchiladas!!!! YUM!!!!! Wishing you a great weekend!!! :)

  8. Ohh, I could go for some good enchiladas!

    I missed all those new shows, and I wanted to watch them :( Maybe I can see them on-line.

    That blog book I bet is interesting... cool!

  9. Hi Tara! Thanks for stopping at my blog during the Scrapbook Challenges Blog hop and your sweet comments! Yes, it was Earth Love from Cosmo Cricket! Where are you in MO? I am in Springfield!

  10. Tara...thanks for stopping by my blog! You are adorable and so is your blog :-) Can't wait to visit again...have a great week!!

  11. loved reading more about you tara! i love ruth chris too :-) I didn't catch modern family, but i thought cougartown was hilarious!

  12. Tara, I need you to email me at I chose your happy haunting album for the AMM blog. I need to send you a little questionairre to fill out. I sent you an email via the AMM email system, but it looks like it didn't work. Thanks! Susan

  13. I am glad you like the book, my sweet friend! I am also impressed that you got my height right since I am usually hunched over yelling at one of my See you soon!



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