Monday, September 7, 2009

Funnel cakes, four wheelers and a few new kits!

How was your Labor Day weekend?
Mine was superb.
We did a whole lot of nothing and it was great!
Once a year there is a festival in Independence, MO called Santa Cali Gon Days
Ever since I was a child it's been a tradition to go, look at the craft tents, pig out on funnel cakes, root beer, kettle corn etc!
This year I thought my kiddos would enjoy going to the carnival and maybe riding a few rides.
They had other plans!
Half an hour and $30 later we left the carnival with three tiny, cheap, worthless, crappy stuffed "animals" (I'm still not quite sure what kind of "animals" they are...)
So much for this ride, Mom!However, Roman did this jump thing and pretended he was SpiderMan the whole time!
Lots of fun to watch ;)

Can't end the evening without enjoying a funnel cake!

Today was spent laying around the house and playing outside with the kids.
Koby and Mia took turns going with rides on the four wheeler with Daddy (with helmets on of course)
I asked Mia if she had fun and she told me she saw a dead deer with vultures eating it.
Then she told me it may have actually been a horse because it was pretty big.
Even better.

I actually was productive in a the scrappy sense though!
A new scrapbook store has opened up in Lee's Summit, MO called "Scrapbook Boutique"

It's located at the corner of 3rd and Douglas in the downtown area. (such a fun place to spend the day!)
The owner, Judee is just as sweet as can be and her store is sure to be a hit!
I will be making kits for her store and the price of these two are $15.00
(click on photos to see larger)
If you are interested in either of these kits you can call the store at (816) 525-0060

Well tomorrow is back to school and back to work!
Have a great night :)


  1. Oh what fun.....we just attended our State Fair and had a blast!!!!! The pics show your love for your wonderful family!!!! Love the LO's...looks like you DID have a wonderful weekend!!! Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!!! :)

  2. hehehehehehehehe... a deer or a horse with a vulture attached....niceeeeeeeeee is right!!! LOL!!!!!! And double bootie head son ALWAYS knew that Mama (me) was a sucker for the dart games at the fair....cuz he knows I used to be a champion dart I used to walk away with triple the "whoknowswhathosestuffedanimalsactuallyare" toys!!!! LOL!!!!

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos, the lo's.....and *drool* kettle corn! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Yep! Funnel cake and kettle can't get any better. I will have to leave the root beer for you though...not a fan at all! :) The fair sounds like so much fun. I haven't been in years. Our Mountain State Fair starts this next weekend. I may just have to go.

    Love your LOs. Of course, I always do. Sounds like the new store is going to be so much fun. Wish I had a more LSS. Mine is a 45 minute drive. Not so local.

    So you are a fan of Sex & The City? I sure wish we lived closer. I could use a gal pal to go to opening night of movie number 2. Poor Keith went with me to the first one. He was such a trooper. He was one of 2 guys in the theater. The other guy played on his Blackberry through the entire movie. LOL! xoxo L

  4. Those pics look like you guys had a ton of fun! Can't wait to see you scrap them!

  5. what fun fair photos!!!! your blog is SO cute!

  6. Love the fair photo's!!! Hehehe we have a LOT of stuffed who know what animals as well costed a fortune but who cares!!!!????? Love those kits they look like fun!!!

  7. wow!!! awesome pics! looks like you all had a fun time! :) can't wait to see those pics get scrapped.

    love your latest layouts, of course! ;)


  8. So where's the picture of the dead horse...LOL? I'd like to see you try and scrap that. Just kidding. Looks like you had a great long weekend. :)

  9. I told everyone...the only thing I want to do is go eat funnel cake and ride the scrambler at Santa Caligon. That is it. Nope...everyone had something that they HAD to have me do that weekend. I swear I am going to Blue Springs Fall Festival if I have to leave them all home and walk there. Maybe not walk, that is a bit excessive from Liberty...but anyhoo...I am going to be there.



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