Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday!
I haven't had much time to scrap these last few days
I'm attempting some "spring cleaning"... (attempting is the key word)
My weekend was pretty uneventful with the exception of taking all 3 kids to the store by myself.
(Note to self: NEVER do this again!!)
Since I don't have any new designs for you I will share a few old ones
Spring is here! :)


  1. Your blog is super springy and FUN!

    Cute LO's!

  2. I love both of those layouts!! I love all the patterns and bits!! I will be at Tan Tar A this weekend...jealous...I know...a resort in can you resist! I will be scrapping though. Do you have AIM?

  3. Cute Easter layout - looks very springy to go with your cleaning!

    Did you know I grew up in Missouri? Bolivar - and a vacation there sounds wonderful to me! :)

  4. Love them!!! I know what you mean, shopping with the kids???? Not a good idea!!!! Love your blog, it's nice and bright!!! And i have a little something for you on my blog!!!!

  5. I like your layouts and your blog update is very cute

  6. I just love your Blog , Wonderful LO's too.

  7. Thanks for popping over and saying Hi. Love your layouts so cute!



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