Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello readers (All 2 of you) ;)

Wanna see some silly layouts I did today?

This one features me knocked up. Anytime my ovaries get to twitchin to have another I just scrap a pregnancy photo and voila! Pregnancy craving is gone!

I've been wanting to scrap these goofy old pics of Koby for a while now and finally did today. The mullet wig is a big deal in our house, we've all rocked it at some point ;)

Have an excellent Thursday- Toodles!


  1. There are 3 of us...come on! You will get some more readres, I promise. When you have a blog post, go over to SiS and post that you blogged. That is how I started. Most months, I average 400-500 hits!! I didn't at first though. If you have some extra time, start commenting on other blogs.
    p.s. Are you cropping on Friday at the Workshoppe?

  2. I don't have a lot readers as well, they do visit my blog (you can add a map so you can see who visit and where they are from) but they don't leave a comment (maybe my posts are boooring, hehehe):( !! But i am going to try Cassie's tip!!!??? But anyway loooove your LO's, already left you a comment on SIS!!!!!

    See you later!!!

  3. Ok, I guess I make 4! Those photos on the mullet layout are so funny!! lol

    And I think that photo would make you think twice about getting pregnant! ;) You look ready to pop!

  4. These look even better in person !!!

    So glad you started a blog, my friend.

    You need to bring the mullet wig to your first class- I'll bring the Hannah Montana headsets. We will completely whip the store into a frenzy!!



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