Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I TOTALLY look like a boy"

This is what Mia said tonight after I dressed her for her first tee ball practice.
Her daddy (who is also her coach) reassured her that she didn't but I know secretly she must have wanted to wear pink.
She is the only girl on the team and when I asked her what she thought about her teammates she replied "There are WAY too many boys"
Oh Mia, you are such a delight
Want to see her "boyish" outfit?

I think she is pretty dang cute.


  1. hell yeah i watched it...a few time so far...i own season 1 waiting on season 2...girl i am glad beverly is gone...now to get rid of taya...she is on my damn nerves in a bad way with her "perfect" fake ass....grrrrr.....i don't like any of them except mindy..and lord knows she is not right for him...so i am thinking and this is my predicition...he isn't going to pick any of them...he will go back to ambre...we'll see soon enough though...
    are you going to watch daisy of love? i am...girl she is a train wreck and i have to watch that

  2. Love that outfit, she does look cute!!! but i am not sure wat tee ball is, is it like baseball for kids?????

  3. She is super cute! I don't think she looks like a boy at all...silly girl!
    Have a great Wednesday!!



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