Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sick of SCRAP!

I never want to scrapbook again.
I retire. The end.
A vow of scrap-celibacy.

I have just spent half of my life making a wedding scrapbook for my cousin.
The wedding is Saturday. I started making the book on Monday.
Yes, I know I procrastinated and it's my fault I was on such a crazy deadline...
But it is done. All 30 pages.
And so am I.
Here is a small sampling of the book:

I pray that he and his new wife love it, if not, I may beat them to death. I kid, I kid. All teasing and sarcasm aside, I am very excited for them.

I can't wait to see Ashli's dress, she is going to be a beautiful bride. As for my cousin, Nick, I'm sure he will be beet red standing at the end of the aisle! He is a tad shy but one of the nicest guys you will meet.

Onto the heathens that call me Mommy...

They have been begging for sno-cones for weeks now. After Koby's game last night we finally caved. Here is the fun that ensued.

Koby, thrilled to finally have his shave ice! (what they call it in Maui. What, you didn't know I am a Maui girl trapped in Missouri? Being landlocked is brutal.)Roman either eating his or putting his nose in it, still not quite sure.

And then, the diva.
No Mia, they don't have fresh guava & lilikoi shave ice here in Missou-rah.
Yes honey, I know you miss Maui too
Just like her mama, so hard to please.

And just for sharts and giggles here is the newest trend in swimwear, brought to you by Koby & Mia:That is all, nothing else to see here

Be on your merry way.


  1. I loooove that weddingalbum you did suck an amazing job!!! they will love it!!! And I love the pics of the kids!!!! Hope you have a wonderfull day at the wedding and a great weekend!!!

  2. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! U totally CRACK ME UP!!!!! LOL!!!!! I am DYING here!!!!! U can not retire from SCRAPPING....I will not allow it....and love love love love love the album that U made them...if they don't like it...then I will come beat them for U too!!! LOL!!!! And your story about MAUI vs. Missouri...LOL LOL LOL!!! Now............I know U may not think soooooooooooooo....but I FEEL your pain as I am STUCK in the DEPTHS of H*LL of HOT HOT HOT HOT BROWN BROWN BROWN DESERT DESERT DESERT Arizona....when I WOULD give ANYTHING in the world to live back home in NYC!!!!!! *sigh* I miss home!!!! :):):):):):) Have a great weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I am new to your Blog, but oh that wedding album is just stunning!!!! I am sure they are going to love it!!! Now the wonderful and my favorite is the last one with the swim suits!!! I just got such a wonderful giggle!!! Love your Blog!!! Please stop by and say Hi!!!! Have a great weekend with that wonderful family of yours! :)

  4. Girl, you are a total crack up! LOVE this post! But I'm on board with Julie, you CANNOT retire from scrapping! And I will assist her in beating the newlyweds if they don't fall all over themselves with delight and appreciation! You know, I've been lifting weights lately. I could probably do some damage to some newlywed butt! (I joke also...maybe?!?!?)

    I've never been to Maui and I'm dying to go. Wanna be my tour guide when I figure out how to wrangle the necessary funds to get there? That could be a BLAST!

    Had a great time at the concert! I went to the Carrie Underwood/Keith Urban concert last year and thought it was the best concert I've ever attended! This one was equally awesome...different, but great!

    Have yourself a wonderful Missou-rah weekend and try to pretend you are in Maui. On second thought, probably not possible! LOL! Please have a great time anyway! :)

  5. Girl, you know you ROCK! The album looks totally awesome. If they don't like it then they are so not worthy! =) JJ. oh wait, i know i am not worthy b/c i keep missing all your classes... =( i am a bad friend, but you still love me right? i love your blog and so glad that i can catch up with you this way and see all your WONDERFUL creations! You keep scrappin girl b/c what would i do without you! (i know...boring boring pages of just paper and adhesive, that is what would happen.. UGH!).

  6. Sharts...LMAO!! That movie is something else...speaking of movies...have you ever watched Grandma's was on last night...OMG...hilarious movie...anyhoo...
    Don't feel bad for me...I am spoiled rotten and very thankful that we can drive to Omaha and back without having to sell a kidney or something...I dropped all my schtuff off at the Shoppe...Do you drive a gold Grand Am? I saw someone who looked kinda like you leaving...I will be back on Monday...more baseball this weekend is going to leave me with no Garage sale shopping time. I got am email from the Royals the other day with a code for tickets for 6.10 on July 4th. The game starts at noon and they are giving away tank tops for the girls!! Woot!! Lemme know if you would like the code thingy and I will forward my email. Hope you have a great weekend...

  7. I am cracking up at that last picture!

    BTW, the album looks great. Love those CI papers.

  8. The album looks SO beautiful! If they don't love it, call me and I'll come over and beat them for you, ok?

    Hugs! Oh and LOVE the last shot of the kids. LOL

    Michelle @ AMM

  9. LMAO, thanks for the giggles tonight!! I don't know what was funnier - the description of the maui sno cone divas in you and your daughter or the photos of the swimwear (btw, they call them snowballs here in the Baltimore, MD region!). Love the wedding album - they are going to LOVE it!



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