Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prayers needed.

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days
I'm having some health issues and could use some prayers/positive thoughts
I had some testing done today and will have a procedure done next week
I won't lie, I am scared but I know that God is in charge.
I have to brag about my new blog...
Shaina did my re-design and I couldn't love it more!
She is super talented and as sweet as can be.
(You can find a link to her blog in the left column)

On a happier note, Koby's baseball team has been invited to play in the
Little League World Series, July 12-19 in Edmond, OK!
We are super excited and working our tails off to find sponsors.
Enjoy your weekend, I will update soon :)


  1. Hoping everything goes well for you.
    Take care!
    Oh ... and the blog looks wonderful!

  2. Oh Prayers coming your way!!!! I adore the Blog, what fun colors and such an easy read!!!! Please keep us updated!!!!

  3. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.......
    LOVE the new blog!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh Tara, I am so sorry to hear about your health issues, really makes me sad and I will defenitally keep you in my thoughts!
    Love your blog iit is really stunning and you must be superproud of Koby's baseballteam, hope you can find enough sponsors!!
    Take care!!!

  5. Tara I am praying for you! I am sure all will turn out fine.

    Way to go Koby!!!


  6. U are in my prayers!!!!!!!! I hope everything is OK!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the new blog look!!!! GORGEOUS!!! AND TOTAL YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for the WORLD SERIES!!! That is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Oh gosh tara, I'm so sorry to read about the health issues. Sending prayers and well wishes your way!!! Congrats on Koby, and I looove the look of the new blog! Take care of yourself, girl!

  8. Miss Tara! If there is anything I can do...lemme know...I can be in BSMO in like 20 minutes...seriously! I am bigger than you so you should listen to to Koby!! oooh...Have some Taco Mayo for me. We have been trying to take a day trip on the motorcycle to Oklahoma for some Taco Mayo...I love that they put a fresh cut lime in their tacos! :) Sending you positive thoughts!!!!



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