Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve is here

Is everyone ready?
Candy bowls stocked?
Pumpkins carved?
I'm in quite the festive mood today
(despite having three kiddos with the sniffles!)

They are all happily watching
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
(one of our favorites)
and I am enjoying my coffee and about to read some blogs! The two older kids are out of school, parent teacher conferences :)
I kept Roman home because of his sniffles and sneezing.
He was very sad, his school was visiting the Waterford Ladies Home today
Each year for Halloween the Montessori children visit the ladies and make Halloween cookies with them
Koby & Mia loved it when they were at Montessori and Roman couldn't wait until he was old enough to go
(You have to be 4)
I explained to him that the elderly ladies have a much harder time getting better from a cold than he does. I would hate to get one of them sick!
He's still peeved at me but he will get over it.
I think we'll just have our own cookie party here at home today!

This week was the Book Fair at our school
For me as a child, the Book Fair was almost as good as Christmas!
I would save for months so I could buy all the books my little heart desired
Koby and Mia did the same thing, it really tickled me!
I made them each a bookmark for their new books:

Back view:

I told Koby that if his best friend, Kole, wanted one that I could make him one also Instead he came home telling me that Kole wanted one and he promised them to the rest of his class as well! Eek! Maybe I'll have them done by Christmas?...

I want to share a Halloween banner that I made using
I had so much fun making this!
Isn't it a great piece for the mantle?

Don't you love the little skeletons?
Or "Bone Daddies" as Roman calls them LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!
Here's wishing everyone a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween!
(and good weather vibes to all of you!)


  1. Oh I just adore all the Halloween goodies!!!! PERFECT...The banner is sooooo adorable!!!! Sounds like everyone is getting ready for some major haunting!!!!! Have fun!!!! Rain is expected....BOOOOO...we have a Santa and an Elf who are going to be very disappointed!!!!

  2. LOVE that banner. Isn't that the way it have to make 40 more!!! LoL!! I miss you on Twitter...

  3. yep, we're all ready here, and we can't wait!! I totally LOVE that banner, tara! sooo cute and well done, girl! bet it looks great in your house!

  4. Yes, wayy cute bone daddies (lol) and banner! Love it, Tara!

    And what a sweet mama you are for making those adorable book markers! Those are sweet! I can see why all the other kids in the class would want them too :)

    Girl, go check out my latest blog entry when you can, cuz I left you a lil' blog award!

    Enjoy your Halloween celebrating!! Sniffles and all!

  5. Festivities are taking place here in our house too, gary & cor's are carving pumpkins right now, me & kaci made halloween shaped biscuits here this afternoon & tomorrow they with decorate them in green goo, {icing} & sprinkle's, mikey does'nt really want to take part until the actually dressing up, LOL

    I love halloween, have a great time!!!!

  6. Love your book marks and banner! Hope your kiddos are sniffle-free by tomorrow. Happy Halloween :)

  7. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that banner and those adorable little bookmarks!!! and loving the mug!!!! cute cute cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. happy halloween to you!! LOVE the bookmarks and the banner! you've been so scrappy lately! :)


  9. Just hopped along and found your glad that I did! Such great projects. I especially think those bookmarks are great. I am definitely making them for my boys. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  10. Oh those bookmarks are soooooo cute!!! Love them. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our favs too. Hope you had a spooktacular Halloween.

  11. Ahhh poor Roman, hope is feeling better soon!!! Love the bookmarkers, they are so fun!! Lucky you, that you have to make them for the whole class!!!!! Great banner to, hope you had a great halloween!!

  12. Hope you all had a fun Halloween. Is everyone feeling better? Your banner turned out so cute, as well as the bookmarks! I still need to get my hands on that monstrosity line! Hope you have a great week!!



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