Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy happy Saturday!

How is your weekend going?
We are busy busy busy but having lots of fun!
Last night we took the kids to Spooktacular at Powell Gardens
It was pretty chilly but we enjoyed ourselves despite the weather
Without further ado, I give you, Billy Mays, Hamburger Montana and SpiderMan.
This is the first year they have had free reign over their costumes
(I know shame on me)
and I am so amused at their choices!

"Billy Mays here!"

The Best of Both Worlds (just on a sesame bun)
Spectacular Spectacular SPIDERMAN!
And here I am on the trolley with my brood :)

Today we played in the "Monster Bash", a Halloween themed tournament in Kansas
We had to be there at 8 AM and it was an hour away, and fittingly enough it was colder than a witch's tit!
In May we went to one of their tournaments and were comparable to the Bad News Bears
I am proud to say that today we were UNDEFEATED!


There were lots of spooky decorations and the kids loved it

Afterwards we went for pizza at our favorite pizza place, Tim's Pizza
Tim, the owner is such a great guy,
the kids love to watch through the glass as he makes our pizza!

Over at A Million Memories there is a Big Anniversary party going on!
I will be honest, I never quite "got" what an online crop is but now that I have officially participated in one, I love it!
Stacy Cohen gave us a sketch challenge and here is my take on it:
(I used the new MME Colorful Christmas line that I won on the MME blog!!! I just got it on Friday and can't wait to make more fun things with it! Thanks, Amber!)

Then we did a Mystery Layout challenge with Lucy Edson and it was so much fun
Every 15 minutes she gave us instructions on what to do next
Here is what I came up with using the new Basic Grey "Eerie" line
(I feel a little silly making a layout of myself called "Hot Mama"
but seriously, I had just given birth like 2 weeks before this photo was taken!)

If you have a minute drop by AMM, the challenges are great
and they are doing tons of giveaways!
Wish us luck tomorrow, we will play in the championship for the Monster Bash
Don't tell anyone but I think it's in the bag


  1. ohhhhhhh those costumes are adorable!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the billy!!!! and those lo's are AWESOME!!!!! and U are a hot mama! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Your kids are hilarious! I love Hamburger Montana. They are adorable. Love your layouts too-you are rocking the AMM challenges :)

  3. great projects tara!!!! LOVE the MME stuff! ;) hehe

    and that billy costume is totally funny!!! LOVE it. great photos. looks like you all had a great time.

    LOVE always stopping by your blog! hehehe


  4. I love the costumes......Danielle got the boys their costumes the other day and I laughed till I snorted again...Evan is going to Santa and Gavin and elf.....I must admit the Elf looks really girlie!!! When he sees these pics when he is older...he is going to be upset with his Momma!!!!

    Love the LO and I adore the HOT MAMMA!!!! You are one Hot MAMMA!!!! Online crops are awesome and I just adore Lucy!!!!

    The pizza looks yummy and the memories with the children....PRICELESS!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! :-)

  5. LOVE the Halloween costumes. That's cool you let the kids pick!! Your layouts are darling and excuse me??? That pic of you was just a couple of weeks AFTER you gave birth??? So not fair!! I'm going to check out AMM and see what's happenin!

  6. I LOVE the Billy Mays costume. It made me laugh out loud! Hope all is well!! Have a great week!

  7. The costumes are fantastic! Loved the pose for Billy Mays- Koby nailed it. Your layouts for the AMM challenge are great...and yes you should be proud to call that layout one "hot" mama. You were then and still are now :)

  8. The costumes are the CUTEST EVER!!!! I love the Hot Momma one too. You look SO GOOD!

    I have to tell you, you were just CRACKING ME UP SO BAD at that chat! Hahhahahah Still laughing!!! Go Jolees and Karen Foster!!! LOL

    Michelle @ AMM

  9. Ok, the Billy Mayes costume is hilarious! You look hot in that last pic and love love love the halloween layout! Love both layouts...but, really LOVE the halloween one! lol
    Yes, hot mama! haha
    Hope you are having a great day!

  10. I love theis costumes, so funny and cute!!! And love the LO's, they are gorgeius!! And WOW you are a HOT mama (2 weeks you say, wow)!!!



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