Friday, October 23, 2009

Sneak Peek at my Christmas cards and Friday Faves!!

Happy Friday, everyone!
Are you excited for the weekend?
I am!
We have baseball tournaments and a Halloween party
I can't wait for the party, I love dressing up!
I won't reveal what my costume is but I will give you a small hint... I will be wearing a dress
I know, that's a dead giveaway, right?! :)

I have been busy creating with Cosmo Cricket's new "Jolly by Golly" line
I just love it! They never fail to hook me with each of their lines, I can't think of a single one I don't like!
Here is a fun layout I did last night
I misted the whole paper with Frozen Lake Glimmer Mist
I also outlined all of the swirls with Stickles in "Diamond"
(one of the best colors Stickles has in my opinion, so versatile!)

I won't share all of my cards quite yet but here are 2 teases!

Now for my Friday Faves

I'll do 5 this time :)

1. Silly little boys.

Roman is obsessed with SpiderMan
Everyday when he gets home he takes his clothes off and into the SpiderMan costume he goes!
He has walked into numerous walls with that mask on his little head
(hey, at least it has holes for him to breathe out of though!) LOL

2. Design team calls /Submissions

I have entered a few lately and I am bound and determined to make one!
Although the "no's" are disappointing I feel that I get better with each passing day.
I truly believe that by the end of 2009 I will be on a design team of a brand that I love.
I won't give up!

3. Uggs

I broke out my Uggs today for the first time this season
Putting them on are like seeing an old friend again
I would love to have about 5 more pair...

4. School Pictures

My kids got their school pictures back this week
I remember how excited I used to be to get mine back!
Cutting them up and exchanging with friends was the best
Last night I helped Mia with hers,
it touched my heart to see how excited she was

5. World Series!

I am rooting for the Angels, let's go in there and
show these damn Yankees what's up!!
(Wish my KC Royals were there but that's a whole other post)


Tell me one of your "faves" from this week!
Have a great weekend


  1. Loving your cards and that LO is so cute! Have fun at your Halloween party!!

  2. Wow girl! You've been busy. Have fun this weekend. Hope to see you soon! :)

  3. Loved reading you list and the LO and card are awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see the costume...HAVE FUN!!!!!!! :-)

  4. Hi there .... I looked you up to check out your work after you left me a message on my blog.... I am so glad I did... Love your layout and your Christmas cards are precious...

  5. awesome work, girl! just saw the LO in the AMM gallery and loved it! love your fives and i'm glad you're applying to DT's - you rock!! :-) have a great weekend, tara!

  6. loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo and the card!!!! gorgeous!!! and your list makes me happy....loving that u are applying for dt's!!!!! and ummmmmm sorry....i have to say....."let's go yankees, let's go!" ....coming from a true ny'er!!!! lol!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Saw that LO in the AMM gallery--love the glimmer you added and your card peaks are awesome too--You are ON it!!

  8. I absolutely LOVE those cards, they are amazing!!

  9. Love the LO and those cards are AMAZING!!! wish I was more of a cardmaker!!!;(
    Love yout fave list, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

  10. Great projects! Love how you used the Cosmo! Gotta say that we are die-hard Yankees fans here! Doesn't mean we can't share a hot dog and beer together, though!

  11. Tara...lovin your new creations!! And way to go on trying out for the DT's. You'll get one, just keep trying! I also am a huge fan of the UGG boots. I found a pair about 4 years ago at TJMaxx for 29 dollars (in pink!!) and I still wear those almost everyday! Don't know what I'll do when they get worn out. And we also got our school pics back this week. Although I don't think my 5 & 6 yr. olds are into exchanging pics yet...hopefully soon! Have a great week!!

  12. good job for applying girl!! i know you'd make a great member on any team! :)

    and boo to the angels! HAHAHHA sorry. :)

    hope you had a fantastic weekend. here's to a great week!




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