Monday, October 26, 2009

Zoot suit riot- COSTUME REVEAL!!

How was your weekend?
Mine was a lot of fun, between teaching a class, our Halloween party and a baseball tournament, I was pooped last night!
I think I went to bed earlier than I have in years...9:00!!
I know you have been waiting to see my costume selection...
Well wait no longer!
Now first I want to tell you, this wasn't my original costume choice.
I was going as June Cleaver and Mike was Ward Cleaver...
until the dress I had started to "dry rot" and had a huge hole in it!
I was so disappointed
We threw this look together the day before luckily...
Note to self...never wear a wig again!
Talk about itchy and uncomfortable!
Here is my friend, Leslie and I.

She was Robin Hood :)

Speaking of costumes...
This little guy has been in his everyday since we purchased it
Here he is watching TV in it yesterday...

the kids were on the floor romping around and I actually got them to sit still for a moment!

Wonders never cease :)

Crush took 1st place in the tournament this weekend
Here are the boys telling your they're #1!!
(My guy Koby is 3rd from the left, with no front teeth)

Sorry I don't have any scrappi-ness to share
I taught my Glimmer Mist album class on Friday night and it was a doozy!
Promise to have some new stuff to share in the next few days though
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Oh your costume and you and your Hubby are such are one HOT MAMA!!!!!! Love the pic of cute and YAY for the first place spot for the team!!!! YIPPEE!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!! :-)

  2. Love, love, love that costume...girl are you sexy!!!! And how cute is your little spiderman! In fact, you have such handsome little men...gonna make the girls swoon, I tell ya! Congrats to Crush for 1st place!!! Looking forward to seeing your crafty creations! Hope your Monday has been a good one! xoxo L

  3. Your class was a doozy? Well, I hope it was doozy in a good way, lol!

    How fun are those costumes... you look fabulous, but I also would've liked to see you as June Cleaver... too funny!

    I got a big laugh from your boy in the spidey costume watching TV! OMG!!

  4. Can you hear me whistling you hot thang! LOL! You guys must have had a fabulous time at your party.

    I hope everything went OK for your class. I know how taxing teaching mini-albums can be. I'm with ya sister!

    Call me!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u look hot hot hot!!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the costumes and loving that photo of the three of them together! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. oh my goodness...those costumes are AWESOME and you two are such a good looking couple!! Dang I wish I had legs like you! I bet you had a great time.

    Love the pic of the kids on the have gorgeous littles, yourself :-)

    Congrats on the big win. Hope you're rested up now!

  7. Ok, those costumes are too amazing! You looked so good. Glad you had a fun weekend:)

  8. awesome costumes!!! :) great pics, tara!

  9. Fun pics--you guys look great! And your kiddos are too cute. Love the one of the little guy watching TV as Spidey--so darn cute.



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